Monthly Archives: February 2010

Restructuring Distressed VC Deals

Tweet I turned to my news feed and hacked “VC restructuring” into the search. I got a couple of hundred hits returning posts on bankruptcy and fire sales for instance to distressed asset investors and the likes (as usual TechCrunch has got it all covered – in one post). All of the above are less-than-ideal […]

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Checklist Intellectual Property

Tweet I am mainly involved with VC deals in the web services sector. The targets rely on intellectual property (IP). Sometimes it is the foundation of their business model. Inhouse development can be found next to third party and open source code. In most cases VCs are the first to raise awareness among founders to […]

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Checklist Gesellschafterdarlehen

Tweet I have promised you Mus’ musings but instead I will kick the 2010 version of my blog off with a dig into my legal docs. I have come up with my checklist on shareholder loans. Lingo I haven’t quite figured out yet whether German or English will be the language of my choice throughtout […]

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