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Mus’ links for August 7th through August 9th 2010

Tweet Negotiate terms at the term sheet stage – some dos and donts at the early stages of negotiating a deal. The Future of Broadband — in Tasmania – well, if Tassie is in tech news it is always worth sharing. Here’s Why You Need A Liquidation Preference – Fred Wilson looks at the exit […]

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Mus’ links August 1st 2010

Tweet The Great Decoupling of Corporate Profits from Jobs – by Robert Reich Nokia Siemens Holds Talks With Private Equity – More good news (M&A related) from Germany A Peek Inside the M&A Playbooks of Technology’s Top Acquirers – Google, Cisco and the likes on their M&A strategies

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Mus’ links July 23rd 2010

Tweet Want to Know How VC’s Calculate Valuation Differently from Founders? – Great post by Mark Suster on how VCs should offer better and more transparent deal terms to entrepreneurs. I am all up for transparency etc., too. I reckon that’s why I blog. Is Netflix the Next Crocs? – Marginal failure to hit forecast […]

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Mus’ links for July 17th through July 20th 2010

Tweet Germany’s Eurobailout Template: A Stealth Takeover? Location-based services need brands more than brands need them – I really wonder how all this LBS stuff will play out. Allsorts entering the market from different directions. Who is going to strike the best balance between sales force and audience? Is it a clear audience first play? […]

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Mus’ links for July 10th through July 12th 2010

Tweet How Incubators Speed the Start-up Process – More good reasons to go for seed capital. Mark Suster talks VC and M&A with Michael Montgomery – Check this out if you are in VC or a startup thinking about M&A. And, as usual, the lastest deals. Even if you don’t have time to watch the […]

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Mus’ links for July 4th through July 6th 2010

Tweet Bilfinger Berger Surprises Markets by Postponing IPO -NYT Marginal Revolution: Hamburg notes, Hafen-City – “It is Europe’s single largest development project”” The Rumsfeld Hazard – Jason in a Nutshell – Just go there and read that infamous quote again. Of course, the post has a lot more to offer. How-to learn about angel/vc term […]

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Mus’ links for June 26th through June 27th

Tweet The Ebb and Flow that Propels VC Returns – It’s all about the context: “VC managers focused on creating great companies (…) often disregard the importance of the impact of beta on their returns. (…) (Hence,) The VC industry won’t thrive without “healthy” public equities markets.” M&A: BASF to buy Cognis – Dealogic profile […]

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Bookmarks for June 20th from 06:16 to 11:12

Tweet Mus’ links June 20th from 06:16 to 11:12: Nespresso is still an amazing model… – It surely is from the company’s point of view. As a consumer and far too heavy user I wonder every time I empty that machine whether these whatever-they-are-made-off capsules do any good to anybody else (i.e. the environment). I […]

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Mus’ links for June 16th 2010

Tweet Inside versus outside financings: the nightclub effect – chris dixon’s blog – It’s probably a culture thing. However, we do not send out founders on a cash shopping spree without a clear message on whether we are in or out on the next financing round. How to Challenge Your Industry Dogma – Umair […]

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Bewertungen: Facebook, Yahoo, Google

Tweet Das WSJ Deal Journal wirft die Frage auf, ob Facebook sich eher auf Yahoo oder Google Pfaden bewegt. USD 35 bis 30 Mrd. soll dabei Facebook aktuell Wert sein. Die Frage nach der Zukunft wird nicht beantwortet, doch scheint Skepsis vorzuherrschen. Bei genauer Betrachtung wird allein gegenüber Google abgegrenzt, aber Parallelen zu Yahoo nicht […]

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